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Lion Bar
Nestle Lion Bar - Wafer, Caramel, and Crispies covered in Milk Chocolate
Price: $1.50
Lucozade Original
Lucozade Energy - Original 380ml Bottle
Price: $3.00

Mars Maltesers - Malt Balls covered in delicious Milk Chocolate
Price: $1.50
Mars Bar
Mars Bar - Milk Chocolate with Soft Nougat & Caramel Center
Price: $1.50

Matthew Walker Christmas Pudding 454g/1lb

Price: $9.00
McVities Rich Tea Biscuits
McVitie's Classic Rich Tea Biscuits (200g)
Price: $3.75

Penguin Biscuits - 9 Pack
McVitie's Penguin Bars 9-Pack - Milk Chocolate Covered Biscuit Bars Filled With Chocolate Cream
Price: $4.50
Polo Mints
Polo Mints
Price: $1.50

Ribena 1 Liter
Ribena Concentrated Blackcurrant Juice Drink - 1 Liter Bottle
Price: $8.00
Sarson's Malt Vinegar
Sarson's Malt Vinegar (200mL Bottle)
Price: $3.00

Scott's Porage Oats
Scott's Porage Oats - 1Kg Box
Price: $8.75
Shepherd's Pie Mix
Colman's Shepherd's Pie Recipe Mix - Just Add Fresh Mincemeat (50g Bag)
Price: $3.00

Silver Shred
Robertson's Silver Shred Lemon Marmalade - 454g Jar
Price: $5.00
Nestle Smarties - Candy Coated Milk Chocolate
Price: $1.50

Trebor Extra Strong Mints
Trebor Extra Strong Mints Tube - A Minty Bit Stronger!
Price: $1.50
Turkish Delight
Fry's Turkish Delight - Raspberry & Rose Flavored Jelly covered with Milk Chocolate
Price: $1.75

Walnut Whip
Nestle Vanilla Walnut Whip - Milk Chocolate Whirl with a Vanilla Flavor Fondant Cream Center, topped with a Walnut
Price: $1.50
Wispa by Cadbury
Wispa Chocolate Bar by Cadbury. Light, bubbly chocolate covered in rich Cadbury milk chocolate. Originally discontinued in 2003, public outcry and an internet campaign to "Bring Back the Wispa" convinced Cadbury to do exactly that in 2008. Find out what all the fuss was about and order one today!
Price: $1.50

Yorkie Original
Nestle Yorkie Bar - Original Milk Chocolate
Price: $1.50

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