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"Big Mac" Valve
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The "Big Mac" Valve - The big brother to the "Little Mac." This valve serves multiple functions as a one-way valve, water trap and air redirect. The Big Mac inserts into the bottom of the blowpipe stock (via zippered bag) and features an Airstream valve that is protected internally and is easily accessed for cleaning. The section inside the stock allows for moisture to collect to be dumped later. Last, the right angle redirect forces air away from the pipe chanter reed delaying the time it takes for moisture to saturate the reed. An tube can be added to this product for further water retention and air direct.
Price: $28.00
"Irish" T-Shirt
Distressed "Irish" T-Shirt
Price: $18.50

2013 Edinburgh Military Tattoo CD

Price: $18.00
2013 World Pipe Band Championship CD's
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Price: $18.00

2013 World Pipe Band Championship DVD's
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Price: $32.00
2014 Tartan Day Sgian Dubh

A special Sgian Dubh made specifically for 2014 Tartan Day

Very limited quantity

Price: $25.00

Abbott Practice Chanter Reed
The Abbott practice chanter reed is known for it's full tone and wide blades. This will give your practice chanter a small pipe like sound when playing. They are packaged individually in a plastic reed pack to protect them when not in use. Comes with a free reed adsorb to help with moisture control in the practice chanter.
Price: $12.00
Adjustable Blowpipe Stock

Click Image For Much More Information on this product

Available with:
Imitation Ivory Mount/Plain Nickel Silver: $90 
Your Bagpipes Original Silver Mount: $130 (Includes return Shipping)*

Price: $90.00

Aero Chocolate
Original Aero Chocolate Bar - Bubbly Milk Chocolate filling
Price: $1.50
Airstream Blowpipe
Includes mouthpiece. Has built-in flapper valve. Sizes 8, 9, 10, 11,  12”
Price: $100.00

Airstream Mouthpiece
Comfortable and restriction free. We thread mouthpiece in the store so it will fit most blowpipes. Available in 3 sizes: 3-1/2” , 4-1/2” , 5-1/2”
Price: $24.00
Airtite Seasoning

Airtite Seasoning Seasons and strengthens the inside of leather pipe bags.

Price: $19.00

Ambrosia Rice Pudding
Ambrosia Rice Pudding 425g
Price: $3.00
Antipodes Collection Volume 1 by Mark Saul

Mark Saul's collection of contemporary bagpipe music, containing many popular tunes played and recorded by Pipebands, soloists and folkbands. Including: Hellbound Train, Acid Piper, Adrian's Obsession along with many others waiting to be discovered!

For a list of tunes on Volume 1, please click the image.  

Price: $36.00

Antipodes Collection Volume 2 by Mark Saul

Mark Saul's collection of contemporary bagpipe music, containing many popular tunes played and recorded by pipebands, soloists and folkbands. Including: Murray's Fancy, Master Blasters, Bronni's Blue Brozzi, Megalomania along with many others waiting to be discovered!

For a list of tunes in Volume 2, please click the image

Price: $36.00
Argyle Jacket

The Argyle Jacket is 100% wool barathea with gauntlet cuffs and silk braided epaulets. Available in regular and long. 

Sizes from:
36”-44” Chest  $295.00
46”-60” Chest  $315.00

*The Argyle Jacket is considered the equivalent of Suit Jacket, where the Prince Charlie Jacket is the equivalent of a Tuxedo Jacket. 

**If you are looking to enhance the look of the Argyle Jacket, our 5 Button Vest is beautiful and helps make it more appropriate for extremely formal events. 

Price: $295.00

Baby Bootie Bank

Great baby shower or Christening gift with money or gift certificate. Available Thistle or Shamrock

Price: $14.00
Baby Girl's Kilted Onesie

Tartan kilted onesie for baby girls. 

Available in:
Royal Stewart (Pictured)
Black Watch

6, 12, 18 months

Price: $20.00

Backpack Pipe Case
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Piper's Choice, Soft Padded Backpack Bagpipe Case

This Soft Bagpipe Case has the perfect amount of protection for your bagpipes.  There are multiple pockets for accessories and music, as well as Velcro straps to hold your drones in place.

The case is strong enough to be used as a permanent home for your bagpipes, and is small enough to put in the overhead on a plane

Price: $110.00
Bagpipe Chanter Reeds: Shepherd

Shepherd Bagpipe Chanter reeds are the best you can get!

A very hard reed, but arguably the best reed made. They will make you work hard, but it's worth the extra effort.

Almost a necessity for individual competition.  

Price: $15.00

Bagpipe Chanter Reeds: Soutar

The Soutar Bagpipe Chanter Reeds are Our best seller!

They are Easy - Medium strength with virtually no need to break in. Just put it in and play.

Perfect for parades or events where you will be playing for a long period of time.


Price: $12.00
Bagpipe Chanter Reeds: Warnock

Warnock Bagpipe Chanter Reeds are perfect for most pipers!

They are Medium-Hard reeds that need some breaking in, but last a long time. Very reliable. 


Price: $14.00

Bagpipe Chanters

A. McCallum (BC-MC) $150.00

B. Shepherd (BC-SH) $150.00

C. Naill (BC-NA) $150.00

D. Warnock (BC-WA) $150.00

E. McCallum Wood (BC-MCW) $250.00

F. W.McCallum Wood (BC-WMCW) $330.00

Price: $150.00
Bagpipe Drone Reeds: Ezee Drones

Bagpipe Dreams Ezee Drone Reeds

A well known and trusted brand. Ezee Drone is known as one of the best drone reeds on the market today.

Price: $72.00

Bagpipe Drone Reeds: MG-Reeds

MG's Quality Reeds were developed with McCallum Bagpipes, an incredible set of drone reeds with many great innovations

 The body is made from Cane in order to absorb moisture which may otherwise stop the drone from sounding

Price: $85.00
Bagpipe Drone Reeds: Selbie

Selbie Bagpipe Drone Reeds are another well known and reliable brand.

They are easy to adjust, and the inverted bass drone reed helps with double tones.  

Price: $72.00

Bagpipe Drone Reeds: Shepherd SM-90

Shepherd SM-90 Bagpipe Drone Reeds are our favorite because of ease of use.

They are easy to set and once they get going, they produce an amazing sound.  

Price: $72.00
Bagpipe Tone Enhancers

A must have! These install inside the bag to the bottom of the drone stocks. They help tremendously with starts and stops. Most importantly, they slow the flow of air to the drone reeds, effectively steadying the sound, reducing double toning , and taking significantly less air overall.
Price: $36.00

Bagpiper Christmas Ornament (Design A)

Cloth Scottish Bagpiper Christmas Ornament

Price: $14.00
Bagpiper Christmas Ornament (Design B)
A Bagpiper Christmas Ornament for your Christmas Tree
Price: $15.00

Bagpiper Glass Bottle
Glass bottle with a bagpiper inside.  This is a great gift for your Scotch loving bagpiper friend.  Comes with cork stopper.
List Price: $50.00
Price: $25.00
Bagpipes Christmas Ornament (Design A)

Bagpipes Christmas Ornament made from tartan cloth and beautifully embroidered with gold and silver thread.
Price: $13.00

Bagpipes Christmas Ornament (Design B)

Bagpipes Christmas Ornament for your Christmas Tree
Price: $12.00
Bagpiping Snowman

List Price: $22.00
Price: $16.00

Balance Tone Drone Reeds
Balance Tone Drone Reeds by HighlandReeds.com
Price: $82.00
Band Spec Rain Capes
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The revolutionary new BANDSPEC cape has been an outstanding success since its launch in early 2005. It is now the first choice of pipe bands worldwide.

The Band Spec Bagpiper's Rain Cape is an absolute necessity for any Piper or Drummer when playing in the rain or snow.

Designed by Mister Antony to be the most versatile Bagpipe Rain Cape out there.It is made from superior quality wrinkle-resistant oxford weave polyester fabric with a matte finish. 100% waterproof guaranteed. Specially developed & tested by P/M Robert Mathison (House of Edgar Shotts & Dykehead Pipe Band - Grade-1 World Champions 2005) with unique new features never before incorporated into any bandsmans raincape.

  • An extra deep pocket for a Glengary

  • Special non-slip patch under the arm to hold the bagpipes in place
  • A pocket designed to hold drum sticks
  • A case with belt loops so you can carry the cape without wearing it.  
List Price: $98.00
Price: $85.00

Bannatyne Hybrid (Hide/Synthetic) Pipe Bag

Bannatyne Hide/Synthetic Hybrid Bag for the bagpipes. 

This is very quickly becoming one of the most popular pipe bags in the world.  It combines all of the benefits of a leather bag and a synthetic bag into one.  There is almost no maintenance (no seasoning!) and it has the weight and reliability of a leather bag.

The zipper is located closer to the bottom of the bag for easier access to the inside and less interference while playing. Available in Small Extended, Medium, Large, and Willie McCallum Custom.

The Willie McCallum Custom size is roughly the girth of the Medium bag, with a shape similar to the Small Extended.  It is the best parts of both combined.

  • Extended Small – Depth 241mm x Length 675mm
  • Medium – Depth 267mm x Length 675mm
  • Large – Depth 292mm x Length 735mm
  • Willie McCallum Custom – Depth 255mm x Length 700mm



Price: $200.00
Bannatyne Synthetic Pipe Bag

Bannatyne Synthetic Pipe Bag

synthetic material with zipper on the bottom to avoid interference while playing. Available in small extended, medium, and large sizes.

Price: $160.00

Banner Flags

Banner flags with suction cup for display.
Available in Scottish Lion, St. Andrew’s Cross, Ireland

Price: $5.50
Barry's Breakfast Tea

Barry's Irish Breakfast Tea with 80 Bags

(Image is of box of 40, but the product has 80 bags)

Price: $7.00

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